Native American Missions Opportunity

A Unique


Right now we have an opening in june for domestic or USA missions for Native American missions.  Our Flagstaff ministry site can help provide your church a week long mission trip putting on a youth camp or family camp meeting outreach.  We are the only Christian ministry in Flagstaff region that puts on these types of outreaches.  You can meet a real need in our region, change the lives of your church members, young and old alike, and you can see the wonders of God's creation at the Grand Canyon and other fantastic places,


Dude, it's in Flagstaff, Arizona!

.....and the Grand Canyon's not far.



Family Camp

Put on a youth camp or camp meeting for a week and meet a real need in the region.

Life Changing

Will stretch your team members in service to others.   You will have wonderful teachable moments to mentor and disciple your church team.

Benefits your church and the people in it

Domestic Mission Trip

Reasonable Costs

Positioned for continuity

Changes the life of your church team.

true Need

real Opportunity

Flagstaff, Arizona


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